and kids

and kids

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful for Safety

Last Monday, as I was driving home from school, I lost control of my van.  I had just gotten on the interstate and, thankfully, was not at full speed.

Steering was not responding and I felt like my brakes were not responding, but in hindsight, who knows if I was even pressing them?   I was trying to merge over into a left-hand lane and my steering took a very hard left.  I kept trying to steer and it was definitely not responding.  Finally, the entire van steered a hard right, right toward a wall.  My sister, Heather, just happened to be behind me and saw the whole thing and said it looked like I was going to tip the van over.

I went over three lanes of 4 o'clock traffic and was aimed towards a wall, and I hit no one and nothing, and no one hit me.

It was crazy.  I was shaken.  I couldn't imagine what the heck had happened.  I sat on the side of the interstate with my hazards blinking.  I decided to try again and I drove home.  I drove.  I prayed.  I listened.  There was a rattle noise in my front right tire, but it wasn't flat, so I kept going.  I drove.  I prayed.  I listened.  I prayed.

I made it home.  I posted on Facebook my thankfulness for safety.  I had a bout 45 people respond with praises for safety.  Jason was laughing because at church on Wednesday everyone asked me about it.  Jason wasn't laughing because I posted it or because people were asking, but because he is always amazed how many know what is going on in our lives because of Facebook.

It was scary.  I am a non-responder.  If something "high stress" happens, I am as cool as a cucumber.  I fault on not over-reacting sometimes.  (When Mollee had a seizure at home after having surgery, I called the doctors office - they yelled at me to hang up and call 911 ASAP!).

In my van, the kids were silent.  Heather, who is an over-reactor, said that she and her boys were all screaming as they watched from behind.  Just a funny little family comparison.

So, I made it home.  Jason took the van to the shop the next morning.  The right tie-rod that we had replaced a few weeks earlier was a faulty part.  It had snapped in half.  It was under warranty and they replaced it.

I am so thankful for God's hand on our van that day.  I am so thankful he did not allow us to hit someone or something.  I am thankful that I was able to drive home.  Not sure if that was a wise decision and not sure exactly how I was able to steer without the tie-rod, but I did.   I am thankful my nerves have recovered and driving is not scary for me now that the van is back from the shop.

Thank you Lord for our safety.

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