and kids

and kids

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Dumpster

Most people do Spring Cleaning.  Mine usually consists of switching out clothes and just "cleaning out" a few areas.  Maybe clean out the microwave and vacuum the blinds.  Maybe.

Since I started working 2 1/2 years ago, cleaning has been the bare necessities. You know - Bathrooms and vacuuming weekly.  Dusting monthly.  Washing sheets when I feel like it.  Kitchen is still daily.  Laundry, well, I feel like that is hourly.  

Last Friday, we had a local company bring us a dumpster.  We ordered a 20-yard, but they brought us a 30-yard because that was what they had.  It is no price difference.  The price is finalized by the weight of what you are dumping.  

The dumpster was huge and I laughed when they brought it to us.  And yet, this is what it looked like in the end.
I feel like I should feel embarrassed by the amount of stuff we put it in it.  And, maybe I am, a little.  But mostly I feel slightly free.

Jason is a carpenter.  He has brought home many things that we have used to enhance our house.  A gorgeous front door (that we brought with us from our last house).  Crown molding that Jason is amazing at and has pieced together for various rooms.  And scraps of OSB we've used for many different projects.  Our garage has become a collection site for things.

So all of that went in the dumpster.  He isn't retiring any time soon, we'll get more.

And we've had other things pile up.  Car seats (at one time we had four in carseats).  Strollers, different varieties for different stages in life.  Two broken dressers that were beyond repair.  A broken freezer.  A broken lawnmower.  A broken weeder.  Quite a few broken chairs (probably six different ones?).  A large screened TV that died.  All the scraps from Jason's roofing project months ago.  And the list goes on and on.

All of these were things we wanted to get rid of, but had no easy way to dispose of them.  And now it is all gone.

I went thru every closet and threw "out" (garbage or donations) A LOT of toys and clothes and jackets and shoes and household items, etc.

I don't think of myself as a hoarder or pack rat, but I have gotten lazy and it is amazing how fast things pile up.  I don't feel like I buy a lot, but we are so fortunate to get tons of hand-me-downs.

And for now, we are cleaned out......for now.

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