and kids

and kids

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best Valentine's Day Ever

Jason and I don't typically celebrate Valentine's Day.  We may give each other a card or maybe a bag of M&M's, but it is hit or miss and not expected.  

The boys decided this year they wanted to celebrate Valentine's for Mollee.  It was on Saturday, therefore, worked out perfectly.  So, they made cards by themselves, on their own time.  And, we planned on a steak dinner - and to use the china!

They made cards, I bought roses and steaks!
 Lots of roses (here in Freda's vase)
And we used china, which I am not sure we have ever used before.  Crazy, huh?  It actually made Tavis very nervous to use it.  
Jason and I gave the kids each a small box of chocolates and a card, which we each wrote a little note in.  I told the kids to cherish their card because Daddy does not typically write notes (really he did it for me).
It was a perfect day.  The kids did their chores in the morning.  And played outside all afternoon, it was the one day of the week of warmer weather before the next batch of cold air.  Dinner was excellent and the boys were proud of their meal and their cards.  Mollee was thrilled.

My card to Jason was a mirror full of pink post-it notes full of all the reasons I love him.  
And he surprised me with a ring, because I always enjoy having another silver ring.
Best Valentine's Day Ever!!!!!

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