and kids

and kids

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Daegan's MRI Update

Daegan's follow up brain MRI was yesterday.  The tech we had was incredible!  She covered both his arms in numbing cream before the procedure started, therefore, he was numb by the time they needed to insert the dye/contrast shot, which they, again, had trouble doing but this time he didn't feel a thing.
We received word this afternoon that the MRI looked normal and the lesion has not changed size or shape, so they are not concerned about it at all.  If anything happens in the future, we now know there is a lesion in that particular section of Daegan's brain, possibly since birth?
Per the Cincinnati doctor's request, Daegan has been meeting with a therapist in town to discuss anxiety and OCD.  The doctor has expressed to me that he has seen no signs of either.  :) Definitely signs of over-achiever issues, but not OCD.  Today when he got Daegan out of the waiting room, he jokingly said, "Let's go see if we can find some anxiety today"  Ha!  I thought it was funny!  Anyway, he said he'd rather meet with us, the parents, next week and then probably cease any further meetings.  That seems like good news too!
I guess our next step is to meet back in Cincinnati with Dr. Wesselkamper and then just be prepared to handle migraines and stress in the future. 
What a whirlwind! 

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