and kids

and kids

Friday, February 27, 2015

Cincinnati Take 2

We knew we were going to wake up to snow, so I tried to change our appointment at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, but the next available appointment with Daegan's doctor was in July.  As I spent Wednesday a little panicked and wondering if we should leave that night or not, then school called and was closing early, stress was escalating.  Jason called me (you know, my black and white husband) and said we weren't leaving that night, we would try to leave in the snow the next morning and if we couldn't get out, we would just pray for an appointment cancellation.

The snow started at 4:00 and was adding up fast throughout the evening.
 But, we got up and we left.  Our neighborhood is terrible for ice.  It has a steep hill on both sides and we often can get stuck quickly and for a long period of time.  Both hills are shaded by trees so they do not melt quickly. Thankfully, we have a redneck neighbor that has a backhoe and he loves to plow.  Typically, we want to sled and we are annoyed when he gets out, but this day we were thankful.
 We got a little bit of a later start than we wanted and we had to get the kids delivered to Grandma's (except Tavis was at a friends - hoping to get snowed in there) and we had to stop and fill up with gas.
Once we got on the I-75 we were ok, except for bumper-to-bumper traffic in Knoxville.  After that it was no potty breaks and no lunch breaks - we were really pressed for time!
 When we made it to the bridge we knew we were probably going to make it, but I still felt I couldn't breathe until we actually made it.  Our appointment was at 2:40 and we pulled in the parking lot of the hospital at 2:29.  *phew*  Cutting it waaaay too close for me!

But, totally worth it!  We love Dr Wesselkamper.  Not sure if it is legal or not, but I snuck this picture of Daeg and doc.
We were happy for a good report for Daegan, he just needs to continue to heal.  He is about 85%.  When he gets tired or stressed, his brain has a hard time over-compensating and that is when he starts to feel the dizziness again.  It isn't that he "becomes dizzy" all of the sudden.  Dr W says he is always a little bit dizzy, it is just at those times his brain just can't mask it any more.

Afterwards, it was after 4:00 and we hadn't eaten since breakfast, so we treated ourselves to Outback.  Jason was happy to finally introduce one of his boys to this:
I was happy to find the pool with Daegan when we got to the hotel!
 Then, the next day, we headed back home - crossing the bridge on the other side.
We were thankful for Papa's car and we are sure he is happy I got him a car wash before he saw it like this, covered in salt and snow dirt.
36 hour whirlwind trip!!!!

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