and kids

and kids

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Called to the ER

Sometimes, when there is a medical emergency, I don't mind to be the one that is called.  I wanted to be a nurse.  I am good with the stress, in the moment.  

I went to run errands Thursday and Ruth texted me that Dad passed out in the garage and busted his face.  They couldn't get the bleeding to stop, so Mom was taking him to the ER.  I headed right over.  

These pictures don't even do it justice.  They were actually taken after I cleaned him up.  Poor Dad literally bled for 2 1/2 hrs straight, I just kept handing him towels while the ER doctor kept coming back trying something new.
 He finally ended up with a balloon in one nostril and a packing in the other nostril.  He broke his nose, cheekbone and sinus cavity bone.  Because of his heart condition, they needed to monitor him and make sure there wasn't something serious that caused him to pass out.  He wasn't thrilled about the idea, but I was happy to hang out with him for a few days and work with this view.
Technology can relieve stress as you are cooped up sometimes.  Dad does not go by his first name, so I took a picture of his board that said he preferred it and texted it out to the siblings saying I think Dad hit his head too hard.  JR insisted it was the drugs.  Jason said the smiley face was hospital code for "really cranky".  Dad was thrilled we could text/laugh at his expense.
 After three days/two nights in the hospital Dad was discharged.  Discharged into a snowy, icy city.  Jase and I went and picked him up so that Mom wouldn't have to drive her car home.  This magnet was on his door and I may have stolen it from the hospital??  I stuck it in Dad's bathroom window to see how long it would take until he noticed.
Yep, we look for laughs in all places!

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