and kids

and kids

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aquarium with Rachel and Rheya

We went to the Aquarium today with Rachel and Rheya.  So did everyone else in town.
Since we were waiting for Rachel and Rheya to come after Rheya's morning nap, we decided to take our lunch at eat there.  The kids were not too thrilled about pictures.
 Except Mac, always willing.  (*please note his clean shirt from his stitches incident - and he is still wearing his hospital bracelet)
 Rheya loved the water!!! :)
 Oh, yeah - the stingrays too!
 Mac got a butterfly!
 Always the orange one, never the blue one.
 Goofy with the penguins!
 They were entertaining today!
 And, again, Rheya liked the water - even tho it was FREEZING!
 Mac and Mommy "under water"
 Rheya too!
 Tavis didn't want to put her down - he is so sweet with the babies.
 Gretchen and "Skip" - friends for a LONG time!
 Photo Shoot - Rheya and her bodyguards!
 Mac constantly pretending he is stuck under water.

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