and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Resurrection Egg Hunt

Some traditions cannot be Daegan.  I am all about traditions and I try really hard to push that on my children.  Then, it bites me in the butt sometimes.

Mac had a fever on Friday, so he was not going to be able to go to the Egg Hunt this year.  Doctor said it was virus (could last 24 hours, could last many days?).  In my mind, really the hunt would be mainly for Mac this year.  It does go up to 5th grade - so Daegan and Capps can participate if they want and Mollee and Tavis are too old for the hunt, but the youth helps with it.  

So, Saturday morning, I'm assuming, we aren't going.  Mac is sick.  BUT --- it is tradition!  And it is Daegan's last one!!!  We have to go!!  

But, Capps, being Capps, says he will stay home and keep Mac company since he isn't able to participate.  Because that is just what the Monkey does.

This year, Mr Jon read the story.
 And I only went to one field.
 Tavis was a line/buffer for the field.
And, their off!
 Daegan enjoyed it!
 His last egg hunt!
 Sorting his loot! stitches this year....phew...

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