and kids

and kids

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Marriage Retreat - Cabin 126

As Jon was having people guess who different couples were, our description was "They were the most unlikely people to be here and he is, surprisingly, one of the most affectionate husbands you will ever meet".  Yep, I would agree with that!

We've never been on a CPC Marriage Retreat.  But pieces fell together for us to go and Philip and Sarah were willing to keep the kids, so we went.  And we had a blast!  Our cabin consisted of the Kemps, Pearce's and Perrel's.  Loads of games between sessions, good discussion during small groups and lots and lots of junk food.

We were in Cabin 126, which was all decorated in tractors.  I loved it!  And since Jason and I were the old people in the cabin, we got the Master Bedroom.  :)

Here is a photo dump of the weekend:
 Playing Pandemic - John just sleeping
 Pacman downstairs
 Playing Ticket To Ride
 Ping Pong Tournament
 The Sessions - Friday night, two Saturday morning, one Saturday night and then worship Sunday night
 Scotty and Darlene Smith
 Josh leading the music
 The Leaders

Great Weekend!!!!

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