and kids

and kids

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My son John

Growing up, I can remember Granny (Dad's Mom), saying "My son John" and shaking her head many times.  Two things struck me about this:  One, that John is my Dad's first name and no one calls him that.  And two, he was still embarrassing and frustrating his mother, even tho he was an adult and had six kids of his own.

If you heard the tone and Southern slang that it was said with, you would know it was not necessarily said with pride.

I find myself mumbling "my son John" often at 'my son Tavis', just as anyone would mimic a parent's common phrase.

I love the boy!  He is probably the one that I connect the best with emotionally.  He is a hugger, he is funny, he is adorable.  He knows how to compliment well.  He is all of my brothers wrapped into one and if you know me well, you know my three brothers have always been three of my best friends.

But, I share this story, not with pride, but to encourage my daughter-in-law one day when she is shaking her head and mumbling something similar to "my son John".

We had chili last night.  It was a late night with soccer games.  We actually got to eat as a family, around 8:00, quick showers for everyone and then Tavis had homework.  He sat at the kitchen counter until almost 10:00 trying to finish some simple assignments, but he was tired and it was all taking too long.  (He has always been my child that goes to bed at 8:00 and is asleep by 8:10)

This morning, he came to breakfast half asleep.  He was too tired to even get a bowl for his cereal.  Apparently, he had set his chili bowl on the floor for Omar to lick clean.  So, he just picked that bowl up and used it for his cereal.  Because he is Tavis.

All I can do is smile and pray daily.

A dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans, right?

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