and kids

and kids

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday T Dog!

As is our tradition, Tavis had three birthday parties:

One with the Brown's on Friday night. Uncle Daniel (and Aunt Heather, but we don't blame her) gave Tavis a roll of paper towels for his birthday. This picture makes it look like he thought it was funny, but when no other gift was in sight he seemed very sad, but I must say he was grateful and kind about it (which made it harder on mommy!). Then Uncle Daniel ran out to the car for the real gift which was some big G.I. Joe Jet that was so AWESOME!
A party with the Caines' (which he celebrated with Eleanor - there is always a cousin to share your birthday with in the Caines family). Tavis isn't a sweets lover (go figure?) and usually only eats dessert if it is oreos, so Grandma made him a pile of oreos for his cake (which is a tradition!). And we celebrated at home tonight, we always try to celebrate on the actual birthday. As a big shock, he asked me to make No-Bake Cookies for his birthday (not Oreos??), but we couldn't get the candles to stay in the cookies very well. Tavis was laughing and being so goofy that he blew out the candles somehow by his laughing. WHAT A HAM!

Like I said, What A Ham!(Obviously, he didn't get his two front teeth for his birthday, maybe Christmas?)
Tavis is the hardest one of my children to buy a gift for. He doesn't ask for much and when you get him a toy, it is usually 'adopted' by Daegan or Capps within a week. He did request a watch, so hopefully, he can keep track of it.

Happy Birthday, T!!!! Or T Dog!!!! Or Mr. T!!!! Or Sweet T!!!!

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