and kids

and kids

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mollee turns 9!

Somehow, my oldest daughter turned 9 yesterday! I honestly can't remember how I let the time slip by so fast. She is beginning to look so grown up that it is a little unnerving. For her birthday, she got her ears pierced and she got an MP3 player from her Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather. Those things alone make it seem like she is even older.
Like every other birthday in our household, we celebrated three times.
One with the Brown family on Friday night:
One at home on the actual birthday:
And one with the Caines family (which Mollee always enjoys sharing with Uncle JR) on Sunday:

Our kids get lots of blowing-out-candles practice.


  1. Happy Birthday Mollee!

    Madeline has those gray/pink argyle tights - so fun!!! Love the polka dots, too.

  2. Missing you, Gretch!!!! are you sick? are you out of town? :)


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