and kids

and kids

Monday, February 28, 2011

All for a pair of shoes

Alternate title: Tornado Chasers?!

This afternoon I went shopping with Ruth. I was looking for a few miscellaneous items and she was looking for shoes for the wedding. (We also got the cakes ordered this morning-we are making progress!)

While we were shopping, Heather called to find out our "status". She had gone to Target to pick up a prescription, when a tornado was spotted in the area and all customers were put in lock-down in the storage room. I think she was in there for 45 minutes, crazy?!

Meanwhile, we ran to a few different stores. We ended up at the mall and as soon as we got there, the storm hit - HARD! So we lingered in the mall, hoping the glass roof wouldn't cave in.

By the way, we did find some shoes!!!

By the time the storm passed it was time to get the kids and since Heather was stuck at Target, I got her kids also.

Of course, the kids were all buzzing about their own lock-down. 1st grade had to hide out in the bathroom - even the girls went in the boys bathroom!!

Quote of the day came from Capps when the kids got settled in the car. He asked me, "If you have to go outside for a fire drill and you have to hide inside for a tornado drill, what do you do if there is a fire and a tornado?"

Hmmmm. Good Question?


  1. Was Heather at the Target over here? They actually saw a tornado in the area? Whaaaa? I thought it was just a watch with a bad thunderstorm. Kinda glad I didn't know!

  2. Yes, first thing Jenna said - "we went in the BOYS bathroom". Glad you all were safe!


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