and kids

and kids

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time Warp leads to Girls Night Out

Thanks for the title

I think germs put you in a time warp.

In the last 10 days, four of my five kids have had a sinus infection, flu B, a fever virus, and flu A. Plus, hubby has had a cough for four weeks. I finally just made him a dr. appointment for tomorrow, too much for me to let it go any longer (a month seems long enough, don't ya think? - and he calls me stuborn).

I don't want to say it, in fear of jinxing him, but #1 son has again avoided the germs? He was the only one that didn't get the stomach bug last month either. Just documenting that for the history books.

I have left the house only a few times since last Sunday. Once to go to Publix, twice for dr. appointments and, of course, some afternoons for carpool. The past two Wednesdays I have been the one to stay home from church because Jason teaches the high schools boys. Sunday we all skipped to avoid spreading possible flu germs and to avoid getting any new germs.

I don't usually get stir crazy very easily. I'm a homebody! I think to be home, just to be home is different than to be stuck at home because of germs. I was thinking today, you would think that my house would be spotless with all this time at home? So not the case!

Today seemed like the LONGEST. DAY. EVER. I had to pick up the kids at 4:00 today instead of 3:00 and when I felt like it should be time to go, it was only 1:30. I'm not sure what time I at lunch, but it must have been around 10:30 or something? That really messed with my sanity.

So, tomorrow night, Girls Night Out! Jason insists!


On a side note, for the history books, I have to share something.

After Tavis got done with his homework today, he asked to go ride his scooter. I told him to go, but to take Capps with him. They like to ride them to Grandma's house and back and forth and back and forth. After they had been gone a little while I went downstairs to check on Daegan. I couldn't find him. It turned out, he went to ride his scooter too. He tested positive for flu yesterday, had fever of 102 this morning and...wait for it....he was still in his pjs. But, he didn't have fever because of tylenol and his brothers were going, so he went too. Seriously?

Of course, when I tracked him down, he didn't really see what the big deal was. I guess that is the advantage of getting flu A (less severe) versus flu B (which is what Capps had).

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  1. "I think germs put you in a time warp" line ever.


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