and kids

and kids

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

To continue with cards and such, Tavis wasn't included in that post. He draws all the time, but isn't a regular 'card giver'. This is the card I put in his lunch box, and this is what he sent back.

I was impressed.

Capps has had the flu since last Wednesday. I was sad he was going to miss his first Valentine's Party. He had a fairly good day yesterday and then today he seemed ok (no fever for 36 hours), so I took him to the last 15 minutes of the party so he could hand out his cards and get a cupcake. I'm so glad I did, the kids were so excited to see him, he/we got out of the house, and he got to open his cards at his desk with his friends.

Although I was very sad to miss the party of the other kids. Oh, Well, guess that is life!

To avoid cooking I had Jason pick up pizza on the way home. We had gotten the movie, "Twilight: Eclipse" from Netflix in the mail so we watched that tonight. What a disappointment, I hate how Hollywood destroys books.

He did get free tickets (long story) to another hockey game, so I'm hoping we can get a babysitter for that and maybe use that as our 'date night'.


  1. Not the purpose of your post...but, since Greg has been out of town I watched Eclipse the other night and it was one of my favs (of the movies). Funny, huh? Of course, I can't really remember the books except that I despised the last one.

  2. I'm just now reading the Twilight books, but I refuse to read the last one until I see the movie(s) first. I am always so disappointed in movies if I read the book first, because the books are always so much better!


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