and kids

and kids

Friday, February 25, 2011

Atlanta Airport Adventure

Ruth came home from South Africa today. Originally, we told everyone she would be home Sunday. My brother, David, and I were going to pick her up on Friday night and make it a big surprise.

Then Mom found out (it may or may not have been because of Ruth?). Then everyone began to find out. Everyone, except Dad!

The plans changed a thousand times.

David couldn't go, so Jason and I were going to take the kids and get her, as a fun family adventure. Then the kids were sick. Then Heather and I were going to go, but then Heather couldn't go either. Jason didn't want me to go by myself, so at about 2:00 Friday afternoon, it was back to me and my family going. Mollee still isn't 100%, but she slept in the car!

I was beyond giddy all day. I couldn't wait to see her!

The flight was scheduled to land at 6:15 and we wanted to make sure we had enough time to get through downtown Atlanta rush hour traffic. We got there around 6:00 and the plane was actually landing then.

But, we couldn't see her until after she got through customs. It was a little bit of a long wait!But about 7:20, we finally got to see her!Who knew waiting for luggage could be so fun? Except we were at the wrong carousel (again, that may or may not have been Ruth's fault?).

When we finally headed home it was 8:00. We hadn't had dinner and Ruth had been craving Chik-fil-A for 11 months, so we stopped there on the way home.

It was after 10:00 when we got home, all the kids were snoring in their car seats. Dad still had NO IDEA! Thankfully, he was still awake, watching a movie and he was beyond shocked when I brought Ruth in. We were glad he already had his heart cleaned out.

It was a great memory that the kids won't forget, Capps declared it, "The best day of his life!"


  1. Welcome back Ruth!! (and yes that was me honking at you by the bank :)

  2. This is a precious story! What a wonderful memory. Poor Mollee. I bet she won't ever forget either. If she even remembers going...=(

  3. Aww! Sweet sweet story! A memory everyone will treasure! :D Welcome home Ruth!

  4. Awesome! I'm sure that was quite the moment for your dad and Ruth. How long is she home for?

  5. "the best day of his life" hilarious! so glad your sister is home with you and you guys can get down to "business"

  6. Yes Danielle, don't let that happen again!

    Very fun memory!

    Katie, wedding is April 16 and then she goes back May 1st.

    Becky, lots to get done!!

  7. YAY! fun wedding planning to come :)


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