and kids

and kids

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Bubbles and Friends for Lunch, but no Pump It Up!

Alternate Title: Spring Break, Day 4

I was gonna meet two friends at Pump It Up today. We had gotten five passes, so I was going to just use them all in one trip. Unfortunately, they were having a fundraiser all day, so we opted not to go.

One friend was working hard to get items ready for a consignment sale, so she preferred to just stay home anyway. The other friend had a sad 3-year-old, so I told her to come to our house to play. And she brought pizza for lunch!

I didn't take many pictures, but the boys did end up on the deck playing with bubbles at some point!

No Pump It Up, but it was a fun day that ended in lots of outside time in the afternoon, a yummy dinner that everyone ate and a little visit with Papa before his surgery tomorrow!


  1. I love how Carson's mouth is open to eat a bubble. We need one of these stat.

  2. Papa had surgery? (Looks like a fun day!)


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