and kids

and kids

Friday, March 25, 2011


Alternate Title: Spring Break, Day 5

We made it to Pump It Up today! I just took the kids by myself. Didn't get any great photos, but here it is: It was a good hour and a half of playtime!
I took lunches for the kids to eat in the car. I needed to go to Publix, so they ate as we traveled that direction. I got my grocery shopping done and the kids all got a free cookie in the end!
Tonight, Jase and I get to go on a double date with Jeremy and Heidie. Christine is babysitting and the kids are SOOOOO excited about that. It is part of the Spring Break fun for them!


  1. Hope you had fun on your date! Wish we could have jumped with you guys!

  2. No good pictures? I had to go back up and re-read, you did say you didn't get any good pics? I think you did. Could you tell those boys to stop being so handsome? (Did you jump any?) =)


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