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and kids

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music Conglomeration

I ran to Target with Ruth today (she is only here until May 1 so she might pop up in a lot of posts until then). In the car, she made a snide remark that I had a lot of CDs. She is of the 'next' generation and buys albums on iTunes rather than buying CDs - how long until everything is digital and there are no more CDs or DVDs?

Tonight, I was the 15th car in line at the Little Caesars drive-thru. As I was flipping through my CDs looking for something to listen to, I did find it slightly humorous what an array of music I enjoy. I attribute a lot of this to having JR as a brother, you'd understand if you knew him. I can remember riding in his TC3 to school while he would frantically rewind and fast forward a tape (yes, I said tape) to find the exact song he wanted to listen to that day.

I thought, just for fun, I'd list the CDs that are in my sun visor right now -in no particular order.

  1. REM, "Dead Letter Office"
  2. REM, "Life's Rich Pagent"
  3. Lady Smith Black Mambazo, "Journey of Dreams"
  4. Coldplay, "X&Y"
  5. Paul Simon, "Graceland"
  6. Jane's Addiction, "Nothing's Shocking"
  7. the Cranberries, "everybody's doing it so why can't we?"
  8. Traveling Wilburys, "Volume One"
  9. KT Tunstall, "Eye to the Telescope"
  10. Indigo Girls, "Indigo Girls"
  11. Queen, "A Night At The Opera"
  12. Pearl Jam, "Back Spacer"
  13. The Police, "Syncronicity"
  14. James Blunt, "Back to Bedlum"
  15. Coldplay, "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
  16. Yo Yo Ma, "Complete Cello Suites, Inspired by Bach"
  17. Black Eye Peas, "The E.N.D."
  18. Led Zepplin, "IV"
  19. Jimi Hendrix, "The Ultimate Experience"
  20. Toad the Wet Sprocket, "fear"
  21. 4 Non Blondes, "Bigger, Better, Faster, More!" (#3, 'What's Up' is actually my ringer on my phone)
  22. Sarah McLachlan, "Rarities, B Sides and Other Things"

Don't judge me if you aren't into this kind of music! But I'd be curious, if you had to pick one of these albums to listen to, which would you choose?


  1. uh...i have at least 2 of these in the CD player in our car right now, and between me and Josh, we own a lot of the rest. ;) no judgment here. :) So if I had to choose? Indigo Girls, hands down.

  2., love, love Coldplay and Queen. Oh, and The Police. I probably have half a dozen of these myself...though they're on iTunes. :-)

  3. I meant to add this to my previous comment...A Night at the Opera is one of my three favorite Queen albums, the others being A Kind of Magic and Innuendo.

  4. Super surprised at these...I have several of them on my ipod (I'm of that generation too now). :-)

  5. It would be Coldplay or James Blunt for me! My CD visor (yes, I refuse to switch to an IPOD)contains about 20 mixes with titles like "Dark music for a Twilight Mood". Ha!


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