and kids

and kids

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And a few more

pictures from the wedding, just because.

I love Mac with his hands in his pockets. I think he is growing up. :( Getting a family shot, not a small feat!
Two of my favorite people in the worldAnother fav growing a beard
Grandpa J (don't you love the smirk?) and Grandma JTavis was definitely the cutest program attendantMe and my boy waiting for the wedding to start (I think he has his Dad's coloring, or lack thereof?)I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!My Matron of Honor (almost 15 years ago)!!!The GirlsAnd this is an absolute favorite one, can't wait to see if Ruth likes it. A gorgeous smile, in the car, with Gary in the background...

OK, I'm done (maybe). Next, on to Easter photo madness!!!! Except, with the wedding maddness, I have absolutely no idea who is wearing what. So unlike me! Of course, Mollee has her dress, I guess that is all that counts.


  1. oh.... wow! these are some great ones!!!!

  2. these ARE reaaly great. Especially the one with your dad and Ruth and the last one!!

  3. I do like the last photo!!! Thanks


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