and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt with a different twist

This is how our church egg hunt started. Happy Faces!! This is how it looked shortly after.

Before it really started, Capps busted his head open. Lots of blood, little explanation and a dr. visit that almost ended up in four stitches, but ended up with dermabond glue instead!

Of course, even though the dr was waiting for us at the office, I let him change his shirt (he was more embarrassed about being a mess) and grab a few eggs.Aunt Ruth took the camera from there, and I'm assuming everyone had a good time!Tavis, of course, was being difficult about picturesAnd Mollee, with a picture-perfect-poseSomehow, under the watchful care of Daddy, Tavis ate every single piece of candy from his egg hunt and dropped egg and candy wrapper all over the back of the van. And he isn't even my 'sweet eater'?

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