and kids

and kids

Friday, April 29, 2011


I was always told that tornadoes didn't come to our area because we were protected by mountains. I have shared that lie with my children. When they questioned me on this yesterday, Jason assured them, "you can't put God in a box". Remember the Titanic?

The pictures that have surfaced over the past 24 hours are astonishing. Here is one that represents the eeriness of the sky on Wednesday. So many of the people I know have been affected. Here are the homes of friends that have been affected the worst:

This is supposed to be a neighborhood.This is the hail that was collected by friendsAnd at the schooland the powerlines down on the road next to the schoolYesterday was spent checking in on friends. I was on the phone all day. I also received many calls from people from afar that wanted to make sure we were ok because of what they saw on the national news. This is many weeks, months, possibly years of rebuilding.

We are thanking the Lord that our home is ok and our family is safe. Praying for others!

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