and kids

and kids

Monday, April 18, 2011

Car Conversation

I love to listen to my kids have a discussion in the car. Today's went something like this:

"There is a ladybug on the window. How is he holding on?" -Tavis

"It is because God is amazing!"

"Mom, how many bugs do you think die each day?" -Tavis

I dunno??

"I think I'll ask God when I get to heaven." -Tavis

"There are no bugs in heaven because bugs are pesky." -Daegan

"But kids are pesky and they can be in heaven." -Mollee

"When I get to heaven I'm gonna ask God how he made light on the second day, but he didn't make the sun until the third day." -Daegan

"I think houses in heaven will be like these." (driving thru pretty neighborhood) -Capps

"I think our driveway will be made of gold?" -Tavis

"What if they run out of room in heaven?" -Capps

"Can't happen!!!" -Daegan

"Do you think there will be clothes in heaven?" -Capps

"Yes, there has to be or people will laugh at you for being naked, and that would hurt your feelings." -Daegan

"But laughing is happy!!!!" (belting out a scary/evil laugh) - Tavis

"There is gonna be dinosaurs in heaven." -Tavis

"They can't be in heaven, they eat people." -Daegan

"In heaven it will only be the dinosaurs you can pet." -Tavis

"Will we have to start out in heaven as a baby and grow up again?" -Mollee

No dear.

....and it went on....


  1. This might be one of my favorite posts!!!! I love how kids think

  2. Love it! thanks for sharing your wonderful family, Gretch!

  3. I ADORE these types of conversations. This one is particularly sweet!


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