and kids

and kids

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never, Right?

We finally dyed eggs today.

It has been so crazy around here but I wanted to find a time that we could do it with all the kids, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Gary and with Grandma J. Because of all the tornadoes, the school didn't have power and the kids were home, so, today was the day! We were outside because we didn't want to make a mess inside, but we had to do it between storms and we had to hold onto things so they wouldn't get blown away.

I had gotten a glitter egg set and a tie-dye set.Ruth always likes to use the crayon!The tie-dye was little messy and detailed, but fun!

I've only known Gary for a month now, but I have a lot of pictures of him with this face!

I love these memories and was so glad Grandma J was here to join us again! (Even if I did get a little messy)So worth it!

Note to self: 3 dozen eggs goes quickly with that many people!

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