and kids

and kids

Sunday, April 17, 2011


The past three weeks, we have had the honor of having Gary as our guest. When the kids got home from school on Gary's first day with us, I introduced him to the kids as "Uncle Gary". With a smirk and a flirty point, Daegan said, "Not for three more weeks!" So, now, the kids can call him Uncle.

It has been fun having him here. (Mac and I are going to miss him tomorrow at breakfast). It has been fun to see my baby sister in love. It has also been a slight cross-cultural experience. I'm sure it has been much more of a shock for him than for us.

A bullet list (for you, Camille) to keep track of some differences:

  • First morning I asked him how he took his coffee, he said, "two sugars". Hmmmm?

  • The bathroom is the toilet or the bog

  • Cricket scores need to be checked in the morning, just like Nascar results!

  • A family favorite, that will forever be a phrase in our house, when you want to go take a nap, you call it a "do-do". That means something totally different over here? And a diaper is called a "nappy". So confusing!

  • A diary is a dayplanner/schedule/calendar

  • When he says he needs to do laundry, he means dump all his clothes into the washer without separating colors and whites (oh, wait, that wasn't cross cultural, just a guy thing!)

  • When he asks for tea, he means hot, not iced!

  • Khaki is not a type of pants or a color. I'll leave it at that.

  • A spanking is a hiding

  • A pacificer is a dummy

  • A trunk is boot and the hood is a bonnet

  • A truck is a bucky

  • Caramel is caramel - you can't see the difference, but my pronunciation has two syllabels and his has three.

We still get to hang out with Gary's family for another week and I know there will be others that I will add as I think of them or as we discover them.

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