and kids

and kids

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Banned from the Board!

Enjoyed a brother/sister birthday party tonight at a huge public pool. The pool was awesome and since it was rented for a party, there weren't a lot of people there and lifeguards were present!

Daegan and Christian (the birthday boy!)The kids loved the fact they had a diving board and a high dive board, you can see in this picture below that the deep end was 12'6".

Mac, of course, had no fear and as he headed up the high dive steps, the lifeguard told him, no swimmies off the high dive, in case they popped.

He did go off the regular board a hundred times. In the picture below he is going in as a toothpick, sometimes he likes to do 'dead man', which I would call a belly flop. Once he didn't wait long enough and jumped right on top of one of the girls. It was scary for both of them, the lifeguard and the little girl's daddy - Mac was quickly banned from the board! Yes, at age 4, banned from the board!

Mollee and Tavis had no fear off the high dive, although they did hold on tight to plug their noses.

The pool had so many sections, it was great!and it had a kiddie pool!

The kids got pizza (even tho we had already eaten) and the cakes were incredible!Happy Birthday, Christian - and your sister, Sarah!I had brought my three nephews too so they could burn some energy before bedtime - a gift to Heather and Jon!

At 8:00, the whistle blew and we headed home - me and eight kids!!!Sleep tight kiddos!!! And sleep in late, PLEASE!


  1. poor Mac...what a great picture of him jumping, though!

  2. Banned from the board. That's my kind of kid. =) Way to go Mac! Ha. What an amazing birthday party, such a relief to have lifeguards watching since it looks like such a huge pool, and EIGHT kids for you to make sure are all afloat. WHEW! Hope they slept in for you. (And that you were able to sleep in!)


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