and kids

and kids

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've mentioned in a few posts from this past week that the kids were at Music Camp. I didn't give an explanation because I knew most of you reading my blog know what that is and I also knew I would be writing this post tonight.

Instead of VBS our church does Music Camp. The kids would go each day, learn songs, learn bible stories, do crafts, etc. They would also be working on a performance that took place tonight. We usually go to Music Camp, but don't get to do the performance because we are usually driving to the beach that particular Sunday (a sad reminder that we don't get a vacation this year :( ).

Anyhoo, moving on!

Tonight was the performance and this year the story was about Esther!

180 kids! My kids had fun and the performance was fun!Capps was off to the side, so we could only see him through the trees. A little fitting - Monkey in the trees!
Mollee had a narrating part and a solo - she did awesome at both!!!!! So proud - we all know I would have thrown up.
Tavis had....a rap/narrating/trio thing with his regular partners in crime - Liam and Ryan.I tried to get a group shot, but had to take it in shifts. Ms. Mindy, here is that memory you got to see me take and now it is on my blog!!!!The kids had fun and next year Mac gets to go! Just in case you were wondering!

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  1. cute! I didn't know what it was so thanks for explaning it. :)


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