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and kids

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Report Cards MIA

Sometimes, I'm a little sad where technology has taken us. Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook, digital pictures, texting, etc. But there is something very sad about losing the nostalgia of a handwritten note, don't you think?

This past school year, our school went 'digital' with a parents website. It is where all memos are found (no more paper ones sent home in the folders), where all the grades can be monitored (instant message e-mailed to parents when any zero was recorded - that is handy), any class pictures are found (which is fun to see what the kids were up to during the day) and where homework assignments can be found (not sure I like that the kids know this is available).

And, now, it is where report cards are found. That is so sad to me, but only in a nostalgic silly kind of way. Last month we found all of Jason's report cards and that was very fun to look through. I know my report cards are here too, because we looked through them when we got married.

Now, if you want to keep the report card, you just print it on your computer. That is just not the same as the thick piece of paper that you signed each quarter that has milk spilled on it and is aged in color.

So, in order to preserve the comments (I won't post the grades, although they were all good), this is what they said for each kid:

"Capps is very ready for the first grade. It has been a delight to be his teacher this year and see his eyes light up when he is engaged in a class activity. I pray that he will always be eager to learn and take on new learning challenges!"

"Thank you for sharing Daegan with me this year. He is smart, fun, well behaved and loves learning. In other words, he is every teacher's dream student! He makes teaching fun! I hope you all have a wonderful summer!"

"Tavis is an engaging, enthusiastic and creative student. He is an outstanding discussion leader (we all know what that means, don't we?). He is capable of reading demanding books and is loved by everyone in the class. I am so glad I had the opportunity to teach him this year."

"Mollee has a very sweet and loving heart. She has worked hard this year and has improved in her life skills. I am very proud of her effort and her progress. Congratulation to Mollee for finishing strong"


  1. Aw! I love the old report cards IS sad that we're losing that part of our heritage/culture whatever you want to call it. Great comments though! Your kids are terrific!

  2. I've been a blog "stalker"/enjoyer for a long while, now, Gretchen! This one draws me out in the open :) I appreciate your comments, the loss of all you describe - along with the value of the instantaneous knowledge of assignments/activities, etc. I feel your mixture of feelings ;)

    What you've done here, though, captures the teacher comments in a very meaningful and contextual way. I like that you've posted them in the mix of the realness of your current lives. I think they actually have more meaning because of that :) SO, our new technology, actually helps to make the leap into another realm of meaning - little know to past generations - a frequent blog along with pictures and capturing of memories in the little things of the day-to-day of life. Things that would be lost without something so tangible and meaningful and life-enriching!

    Mostly, though, I was impressed by the teachers' reflections. They spoke of character qualities that are meaningful for REAL future success. I know you and Jason must be very proud! And I am proud FOR you. You are blessed to be their mama! And they are blessed to have a mama to is intentional in their rearing, but also in capturing the daily memories. These will be treasures in the years to come!


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