and kids

and kids

Monday, June 27, 2011

Playground #2

It is hard to see the whole layout of the property in this picture, but the house to the left, playground thru the trees, bocce court in center, gazebo to the right and the barn in the back right. It is so pretty. Plus the creek, which is behind me - you'll see more of that! We had a picnic lunch and played.
The Playground really is for smaller kids, but we were the only ones there so...
Nobody was there because it was too hot to be out!
Capps and Mac were wise in the shade

Apparently, Tavis likes to try catching squirrels. I witnessed him get very close numerous times today.At the gazebo (M, I really needed your help - terrible lighting problems)Then we walked over to the creekWhen Mollee 'accidently' fell in, it was all over for any hope to return home with dry children
It wasn't what I planned, but they had so much fun!It took Mac awhile to get brave, but he went all in!

They went "down river"And came back like this saying "No man left behind, soldier!!"(Since we weren't prepared to play in the creek, no one had their crocs - Mac and Capps refused to take their socks off)

A guy from the newspaper showed up to take pictures of "summer fun". Not sure he will use any pictures, but the kids are sure they will be famous!

A soggy ride home and tick-check!

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