and kids

and kids

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 on 7-7

Apparently, it is tradition (all two years in a row) for Capps and I to bake his birthday cake together the night before his birthday. He is a creature of habit and I think this will be what we do from now on. No one else allowed in the kitchen!He even wanted to wait for it to cool so he could ice it!(and it is tradition to put extra icing on graham crackers) He has been sleeping in this summer, but this morning he was up early - early to find a balloon and a Toys-R-Us birthday crown.Before dinner he put the Toy Story candy and candles on the cake - organized in his own special order.We had Chik-fil-A for dinner and a family party.This boy can get excited about new pens!!!
And he actually asked for Legos this year - Alien Creations!
Funny thing is, building Legos was too exciting that he didn't even touch his cake.
(he said he just had fun making it *sniff*)
So, now, on the 7th day of the 7th month, my Capps is 7!!

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