and kids

and kids

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Begins!

We have plans tonight to go to a swimming party for dessert and then a major fireworks show. Since it isn't for dinner too, we are supposed to show up at 7:30. I knew that it would be a very long day without other plans.

Each summer we sign up for the Kids Bowl Free program in our area (it is for a different bowling alley each summer). This summer it is for a new place. We had never been and we will definitely be going again. This place was over the top fun! It has bumper cars, laser tag, a huge arcade and the bowling alley. They have couches for the seats and an over-priced cafe where we got some overpriced nachos.
And they have a glow-in-the-dark solar system for the back wall.We had fun!

This morning I heard Tavis tell his brothers, "Be sure to wear your flag shirt today, because Mommy would like it". Good Boy! Of course, Jason would like everyone to know that he never gets a flag shirt!
The deal is two free games with the rental of shoes. Mac didn't make it for the second game, which was probably better for everyone!
Afterwards, we went to Cracker Barrel to treat the kids to a big meal - at 3:00. We had the worst service I have ever experienced at a Cracker Barrel, but the kids enjoyed themselves.
Now Jason is reading and having "alone time", the kids are watching a little TV and everyone is anxiously awaiting fireworks!!! Just three-and-a-half hours until we leave....

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  1. My hus is the same way about the flag shirts. Years ago I bought him one along with everyone else. Never again. So, he is the only one that is flag shirtless.


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