and kids

and kids

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun Mom Friday - Pool, Pool, and Pool

After lots of job training and a hiatus from the pool, we ended up going three times this week. Monday with Mrs. Rachel to Mama Jo's pool, Wednesday with Connie and today we went with Capps' best friend, Goodwin.Goodwin's mommy happens to be friends with my sister-in-law, Mary, so cousins were there too! Louisa looking adorable!
Mac being a ham!
And we were swimming at a house that Goodwin and his Mom were dog-sitting for - that just happens to be my 2nd cousin's house! Crazy?!There was a slight scare when I got the van stuck in some mud, but with some coaching from my hubby, I finally got it out! Thank goodness no tow truck had to be called!

And tonight Jason and I are going out on a date and using a PF Chang gift certificate we got for Christmas! Whoo-Hoo! The kids love date night because they love having a babysitter. It is a win-win situation!

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