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and kids

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The pregnancy and birth of Capps

Pregnant again! Mollee was 2, Tavis was 1 and Daegan was 6 months old. I assumed I was pregnant as soon as I skipped my period because I was very tired and nauseated all the time, just like I had been with Daegan. I finally took a test at two weeks late and it was negative? I continued to not feel well, but the stomach flu was going around so I assumed that was the problem; even though deep down inside I knew I was pregnant.

Jason and I had been living with my parents, as I mentioned here, for a few months while trying to get our new house down the street in livable condition. Birth control was in little inconsistent. I took another pregnancy test at 6 weeks late (just before Thanksgiving) and it was positive. We decided it would be fun to hold out until Christmas to give our news. Then, we gave both grandmothers a new birthstone baby for their necklaces as gifts.

According to my cycle the due date should have been June 25, but midwife couldn't find a heartbeat at beginning of December and she ordered an ultrasound that gave me a July 13 due date.

I only thought I was sick with previous babies. I was sick every night until at least 23 weeks. Daegan was still nursing and not sleeping through the night. At 17 weeks I decided to wean Daegan (he was 11 months) and force him to sleep through the night, and that seemed to help sickness level out.

I remember the body pillow was a life saver, even if Jason hated it!

I swear, I felt the baby flutter at 11 weeks. The movements got stronger and stronger until 17 weeks and then he never stopped moving. At 21 1/2 weeks we found out it was another boy!

At 23 weeks my back was beginning to hurt constantly and groin pain back - just like with previous pregnancy. I had some heartburn that started at 30 weeks, but not as bad as before.

At 25 weeks I had a strange severe itching. I was given steroids that didn't provide much relief. My legs and arms were bruised from so much scratching. My midwife had me see the doctor for further testing of possible liver issues. No tests showed anything and at 33 weeks the itching started to disappear.

There was a reason that Mac (next baby) was a few years later. There was nothing enjoyable about this pregnancy. I had paralyzing cramps in my right side all the time, and I slept on the heating pad to give relief. At 34 weeks my groin pain was so bad, but I realized if I wore sneakers all day and not flip flops, the pain was less.

At 36 weeks, I had dr. appt with blood work and everything looked good - cervix soft, no dilation, and baby was high. After appt, Mommy was tripped in the kitchen and fell on her tailbone. I can remember this shoot of pain, I have never experienced anything like it, it took my breath away. I remember I sat on the floor for awhile and couldn't recover. I had to go back to the dr to check the baby and uterus seemed intact and everything good. No bleeding, no strong contractions.

At 37 weeks, my cervix was softening and baby had dropped a little, but no dilation or effacement. At 38 weeks I was 60% effaced and only 2cm (I remember being very disappointed).

Tuesday night, before 39 week visit, I told Jason I felt as if it would be soon. Around 4 AM the next morning I was having bad cramps 6 minutes apart. My appt was at 9:15 and I was 5 cm. Of course, I was sent to the hospital to make sure I'd get my antibiotics. Antibiotics started at 10:00, midwife checked me at 2:00 and I was 6 cm. At 3:45, they started to give me some Pitocin. I got epidural at 6:00, second round of antibiotics at 6:30 and when the midwife checked me at 6:45 my water broke, contractions started hard and fast. I got an epidural, but even with that, the contractions were very uncomfortable, but I was glad for this because I didn't want a heavy epidural this time. At 7:30 I was 8cm and at 7:45 I told her I was ready. (for the history books - baby was born during one of Ken Jennings' final Jeopardys)

I was complete and I remember pushing seemed a lot harder this time. I didn't know if it was because of the lighter epidural or size of the baby, but he was definitely bigger. Capps MacCallum was 8 lbs. 9 oz (1 lb. and 3 oz heavier than other babies).

He was a good baby. I feel like Daegan seemed a little jealous (something we didn't deal with the other times), but he was a Momma's boy! All-in-all the transition to another kid went very smoothly. At that point we had a 3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old and an infant - sounds crazy when I type it out, but I'd do it that way again in a heartbeat!

Party pictures coming tonight!!!

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  1. Loved this birth story. Do you have that written down somewhere or do you just remember? I wish I had written my stories out like that.


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