and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jack and Bunny

One of my parents best friends from college are Jack and Bunny (and as the joke goes, you are supposed to say Rabbit after their name, as if that were their last name). They were missionaries in Africa for 30+ years, but now they live in Florida.

As a kid, I loved it when they came and visited. They are so fun!

This week, my kids got to meet them. And we went bowling with them! Papa beat Mollee's (with bumpers) score by one pin in the first game!Daegan got a hold of the camera, as he does often and I love to see what he takes. This was one of his this time. Hmmmmm.I am very nervous about feeding these two as teenagers. I was excited Jason got to come too!
And when you go with Papa, you actually get to play in the arcade. :)
Not Whack-A-Mole, but Whack-A-Shark!

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