and kids

and kids

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Mom Friday - Playground #3

Our Summer Playground Tour hasn't progressed as I had hoped, but today, at noon, I decided we needed to do something. At noon, I decided we needed to go out and do something. So we picked up some lunch and headed here! They have many little pavilions for picnics.I can't believe we've never been here, it is less than ten minutes - and the kids loved it!
They had play areas for all ages, which is convenient.
Slides of all heights and speeds.And different "swings" (unfortunately, all over mud puddles)Of course, Tavis picked the one with the most water under it.
Look at this cutie! (He got a haircut this morning)
It started to rain, but the kids kept playing!!And landing in the puddles!We headed home a soggy mess!

Stopped at Redbox and picked up "Rango" to watch.


  1. soggy is one of the most fun ways to play!! :) Love that playground!

  2. Beware of Rango. I thought there were some parts that were not really appropriate for little ones.


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