and kids

and kids

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Get Well Cards for Mac!

We've had the flu.  So far, all the men in the house have been hit.  Mac was the first to fall and ended up being sick for 8 days.  Capps was next, then Tavis and now Daegan.  Jason has also been sick.  He tested positive for the flu on Saturday.  I posted on Facebook that he has slept 117 hours in the last six days and that is absolutely true.  I don't know how he does it.  He has had no fever today, so hopefully, he'll be feeling better soon.
 Mac's class made him cards while he was out.  They were so sweet, I scanned some in to share. 
Clark - his best buddy - short and sweet!
Ethan - this one cracked me up - "I hope you don't throw up when you come back to school.  Want you better soon"
Hannah - "I like to play with you.  I am sure that you are awesome".
Ella - "I hope you feel much better and I hope you are back Monday". 
Allie - "I hope you feel better" - Allie is a good friend too - I love her picture!

Lauren - "I hope you will feel better ...??...."
Makayla - "I hope you feel better" (I think this is a picture of her crying?)
These are great!  So sweet!  You can tell he was deeply missed!

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