and kids

and kids

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sick Personalities

A couple of months ago, I posted about how the kids look through Christmas catalogs differently.  I think it is appropriate to document how they handle illness differently.

Mollee - She hasn't been sick alot in the past few years, getting the perfect attendance award, but when she is she usually just sleeps.  She is a lot like her Dad - just leave her alone and let her sleep, wake for meals. 

Tavis - He is rarely sick, so when he is, he is miserable.  He doesn't like to be alone either, so he follows me around - lays on the couch when I'm downstairs, lays on my bed when I'm in my room, lays on the floor in my office when I'm working, etc.  And, of course, he always has his blanket in hand.  And he does a lot of moaning.

Daegan - He is sick often (but not too much since he got his adenoids and tonsils out).  He is fine with sick.  He is a straight A student, but doesn't care about being AT school.  He can read 50 hours a week, or just watch TV and play Xbox all. day. long.  He doesn't complain much and I never have to worry about him drinking - as long as there is sweet tea available.

Capps - He does whatever is required of him.  When he had the flu I asked him to pick a spot (one of the couches or the recliner) and stick with that spot.  He stays there, he washes his hands, he drinks a lot of water, he'll read or watch tv.  He usually knows exactly when his fever is going back up.  Very easy going, but he hates missing school.

Mac - he just wants to snuggle.  And drink.  And eat.  And to be waited on hand-and-foot. 

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