and kids

and kids

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quoteable Quotes?

I just found this in my drafts folder from 2010 - it is old, but it made me smile, so I'm gonna post it!

Daegan: "You aren't going to make me wear matching clothes, are you?"

Mac wanting to run around with no shirt: "I need to let my muscles breathe"

Tavis: "Have I always been this weird?"

Capps after going a few nights without sucking his thumb: "How many more do I have to go?"

Mac's response to new cereal: "Tastes like chicken!"

Daegan: "Let's pretend we are old, like 19, and we can carry a pistol around all the time"

Capps, after meeting a new friend Erin: "Mom, your name should be Erin because you run errands all the time"

After I sarcastically said, "Don't worry, the maid will get that" to one of the children when they threw their laundry on the floor, Capps said, "We have a maid, I've never seen her, does she come when we are asleep?"


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