and kids

and kids

Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter Break at the Playground

The kids Winter Break started today.  I don't recall ever having a Winter Break in my day, but basically it is a long weekend for President's Day.
I had a lot of work to complete, but the kids needed an "errand".  I decided to take the the McDonalds to play on the playground for lunch.  At some point in the past year or so, the McDonalds near our house got rid of their playground?  So we got our food and headed to a local park. 
 The day was beautiful, but it was a lot colder than it looked and we were not prepared for outside play.
 Regardless, they burned some energy and had fun!
 And Mollee found the mud - big shock!
 Remember me saying how goofy Mac is?  Yep, here it is again!
 I really love this playground, not sure why we don't go here more often since it is about 5 miles from our house?  It was a good decision to get out of the house.

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