and kids

and kids

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Something I'm Glad I Started

If you read any book about Love Languages, it would tell you that you normally show love, how you like to receive it.  I don't feel that is true for me.  I love to give gifts.  Just little "I love yous" to say that I'm paying attention to what you like/want/desire.  But I do not require getting a lot of gifts.  I have mentioned in the blog world before that may be because I do not have a gift-giving husband?  Don't get me wrong, we've discussed what holidays I expect something - at least, a card.  And we've discussed that I want him to take the kids shopping for my birthday, but I don't care what I come back with.  I'm not anticipating the "perfect gift" at each holiday.  But I do love it when he comes home with a fist full of fresh flowers for our table, so.....

Regardless of my love language, I love to treat those around me to whatever.  Whether it is picking up a book that I know Jason really wants to read.  Picking up a raspberry filled doughnut and dropping it off for my Mom.  Or even mailing cards to friends - what a rarity to get fun snail mail!  I love it!

I'm not really sure how our "tradition" started, but I'm so glad that it did.  I buy random things for the kids at random times.  Treats.  Just Because.  I love to do it.  But, there are five of them, so I can't do it for everyone, every time.  And the kids know this.

I can bring home a white chocolate candy bar for Daegan one day and a few weeks later pick up some Matchbox cars for Mac.  Or some cool socks for Mollee.  Or some jewels for Tavis.  Or some craft supplies for Capps.  The kids know, I might come home with something for one of them, but I might not.  They also know, they have to be happy for whomever got the treat and their turn might be next.  I think it is great!

I try to be fair (some are easier to buy for than others), but there is no rhyme or reason to how I go about doing it.  I rely on inspiration.  And I get joy from how the kids now react to the ones that got a treat - they are truly excited for them and don't complain that they didn't get anything.  Except maybe for Mac, we are still working with him.  :)

It is also true for notes in their lunchboxes. I just put them in at random times and everyone doesn't get one on the same day. It may be a card. It may be an extra dessert with a "thought you might need this" note attached. Or it may be a post-it just saying "hi".  And I have found random post-its on my desk, on my mirror or even in response to my lunch note - all these things I will cherish more than most any gift I am given.

So, I'm glad we started this treat giving.  No regrets about this one.

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  1. so special! this will mean so much to them as they age-- they will always remember! don't forget to give/collect "experiences", too! Jr High is super for going to grocery *alone* with mommy....or to starbucks....or even to the carwash <3. Makes time for those opportune conversations.....and sweet memories. Love you!


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