and kids

and kids

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day Party Chaos

Nothing says 5th grade Valentines Party like being at the skating rink.  Tavis actually asked me to come, so I made it happen!!
I spent my 5th grade Valentine's Day at this exact rink - Oh, Yeah!!
 This picture cracks me up because it is Tavis zipping by and his teacher, Mrs. Gordon making a cringe face while Noah (far left) was falling. 
 Tavis and Ryan!
 A lot of the boys hung out at the arcade - here is Noah, Tavis, Banks and Ryan sure they are going to get some treat from "The Claw".
 Mollee doesn't have organized parties anymore, but she was eating lunch with her GAP group and she asked if I could 'stop by'.  I was honored that she asked, so I made that one too. 
 Mollee and MacKenzie - you know, they are BFFs
Then on to 3rd grade.  Apparently, they kids were supposed to make aValentine box - Daegan had to use this white bag that we found at school. 
 Daegan and Hayden
 A crazy crew!
 Valentine Party Chaos!
 2nd grade party crafts.
 Chocolate Fountain with Mrs. Blevins.
 Whit was really excited about this!
 And Kindergarten - so fun!!!
 Clark and Mac being goofy (see, all those that think he is quiet and subdued)

 One of the amazing moms made these individual cookies that were beautiful and very yummy!!
 Mac's scavenger hunt group (again, goofy)
 And delivering Valentine's!!
I took this picture too because these were hanging on the wall outside Mac's classroom.  See all the beautiful colors and patterns.  Mac's is the solid red one - Red outlines, red centers.  How exciting, son!
Jason and I don't really celebrate Valentine's.  We get each other cards and he always gets me a bag of candy (this year, peanut M&Ms).  I got him the Clint Eastwood "Where Eagles Dare" movie that he thought was no longer available on DVD. 

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