and kids

and kids

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brother - Sister - Warped Love

Mollee and Tavis are 12 months and 9 days apart.  They have been buddies growing up and worst enemies.  Tavis knows every button to press to tick Mollee off and he uses that power often.  Mollee is short-tempered like her mom and a bit emotional (not sure where she gets that?) and can't seem to ignore Tavis' annoying attempts.

Tavis and I went shoe shopping last night.  Afterwards I had to pick Mollee up from something.  He asked if he should get in the back so she could have the front seat (and they ALWAYS fight over the front seat).  I told him it was up to him.

Tavis: "I'll give it to her so she won't get mad."

Me: "Whatever"

Tavis: "It will make her happy"

Me: "You know, you drive her crazy, but she loves you"

Tavis: "Yes, I know"

Me: "And it is your job to love her, compliment her and protect her.  If you figure out those things, your wife will be a happy camper" (we really, really emphasize compliments in this house - it means something for your parents to say you look good, but for a sibling to say it, that is huge)

Tavis: "I know, Mom.  I compliment her all the time"  (and he does, he is very, very good at this)

Me: "AND protect her.  Dad and I need you in this department"

Tavis: "I know, Mom.  If some guy breaks her heart, I'm gonna track him down and punch him in the face".

Yep, that is the warped love we need to feel confident about.

*but my heart tells me it will be Capps everyone needs to look out for*

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