and kids

and kids

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Have you scared someone today?

We have a family thing.  We like to scare each other.  I know I am the one that started it, but it is funny to jump out from behind a door at a kid and make them jump.  Isn't it?

I know this is going to bite me in the butt very soon.  As the kids have gotten older, they are always trying to scare me or their siblings.  For now, they are too "loud" to be sneaky, but I know my time will come.

I share this because of last night.  All four boys are in a room downstairs together.  There are two bunk beds and it is a very dark room. 

Apparently, the other night, Daegan (bottom bunk) got up to go to the bathroom and Tavis (top bunk) decided to get in Daegan's bed to scare him.  He wedged himself as far into the wall as he could so Daegan wouldn't notice him.  Daegan came back to bed got settled, and Tavis let some time pass before he jumped/yelled/whatever at Daegan.

Yep,  Tavis is the one I am going to have to look out for.  

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