and kids

and kids

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Enjoying the Polar Vortex

Yesterday there was no joy with the weather.  This morning we enjoyed it before the sun started to melt it away.  It is still way below freezing, but we all know (except Florida boy, Jon) that once the sun starts shinning, things start to melt, even if the temp is still below freezing.

So, we got out around 10:00 this morning and used our ice covered hill to sled on.  Here is a picture overload of the morning:
 Mac went once, with Tavis half way down ready to catch him
 And, heck yeah, I went - regretting no gloves the whole way down...
 Two cuties!!!!
 Two more cuties, just much older.
 Ruth went once with Malachi
A Malachi Angel
Mollee going down and Tavis jumping on top
 The Larry Drive Crew - 11 Cousins and 3 Aunts
 The Three Sisters
 And this is where are van sits - along with Jason's truck and the Harris' van and someone else's truck
 And this is what our hill looks like.....
And school has already been called off for tomorrow.  *sigh*

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