and kids

and kids

Friday, January 17, 2014

Purple, Winged, Wide, and Animal

This was my combo today - purple leggings, winged eyeliner, a wide belt and animal print.
I don't typically blog this kind of stuff about myself, but today was a good day.  Sometimes you have to dress powerfully, to feel like you can conquer the world.

OK, I don't want to conquer the world.  Maybe just the laundry pile every once in awhile?  

But, I do want to strive to be better in 2014!  I am working on taking care of myself (on week two of yoga and aerobics), slowly getting in to a vitamin regimen (which I have never done) and I am not on a diet (hate that phrase) but I am eating healthier - and I am down 6 lbs.

Planning on this being THE year!

On a side note - I like winged eyeliner, but I have never tried it.  This picture doesn't really show it that well, maybe I have too many wrinkles and I am too old for that look?  But, Tavis, being Tavis, said, 'Mom, your makeup is smeared up the side of your eye'.  Thanks son!  I love your honesty!

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