and kids

and kids

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Call From The Trainer

As you can tell from a few previous posts, Tavis playing soccer has been a fun, big deal.  We have held our kids off from playing sports, but that does not mean that was my utmost desire.  I love sports.  And I have LOVED watching Tavis play.  He has such a heart for soccer and such a natural ability.

On Monday, I was sitting at my desk and my phone cell rang.  It was Bri.  Her number is programmed in my phone because her son is in class with Mac.  She is the the athletic trainer.  Tavis twisted his knee in the game Saturday and I assumed he must have been complaining and she was calling to report she had seen him.

Not the case.  She suspected he had a mild concussion.  He was standing on the field next to the goal post and a teammate rocketed the ball toward him and the ball hit him in the head (it was before practice and he was not looking) and his head hit the post.  His coach was standing right there and immediately took him to Bri.

So, here we are on day #4 and he still did not "pass" his test to be cleared to play.  I am so sad for him.  He only has eight games and he is going to miss two.   I want them to be cautious.  And I want them to be smart.  But it is frustrating.  He is prone to headaches and migraines and that does not help his evaluation.  When it happened he got a 34, day two a 17 and he is stuck on a 12 the past few evaluations.  He has to be in single digits to be cleared.  And we cannot give him pain meds for migraine until he is cleared.  We told him to be honest, don't try to "buck the system" just to play.

So, we wait for him to return to play....

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