and kids

and kids

Friday, March 14, 2014

Radio Time

I talked to our pediatrician today about Tavis and his concussion.  I needed him to tell me that the school was not being over-sensitive.  Sometimes I fault on the side of being "not paranoid" and I push too hard on the "suck it up" side.  I know this about myself and I think that is half the battle. I have not pushed Tavis, I know he has had a headache, but I have been frustrated for him and needed to know the best way to encourage him, especially since the school doctor has told me I cannot give him any pain medication.  Dr. E is on my side when it comes to some over-reacting in the medical world today and yet I feel he is cautious when he needs to be - and he knows me.

So, I called him.  Not sure why it took me five days to call him?  Again, part of the "suck it up"attitude.

I explained what happened to Tavis.  Explained his symptoms and how the week has gone and how he has progressed throughout the week.  Explained how the school doctor has handled things and how the trainer has handled things, etc.  Dr. E was surprised Tavis had been at school at all this week, but glad to hear the teachers were not making him use his iPad for class and glad to hear they were not requiring him to do homework.

He encouraged us to use the weekend ahead of us as 48 hours of rest.  No screen time, no major playtime, lots of hydration and LOTS OF REST.  And, he did say no medication was allowed until Tavis was cleared.  It stinks for Tavis because he is prone to migraines, but we will be using ice packs and rest!!

So, tonight, for entertainment, we went the old fashioned route.  We listened to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on CD, while sitting around in the kitchen.  That way, Tavis was not tempted to look at a screen, but still entertained and not bored.
I had asked the boys to hang out with Tavis so he didn't feel so secluded (he hates being alone, maybe a little like his Mama) and I noticed after I took this picture that Daegan was hanging out, but he is reading a totally different book....

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