and kids

and kids

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daegan's Birthday

Daegan MacLeod turned 11!!!  Because of our traveling Saturday, we pretended his birthday was on Friday.  He took treats for his class on Friday, I went and ate lunch with him on Friday and then we had Taco Bell for dinner and I made him a cake for our family celebration.

It is a Creeper Cake!

 Presents consisted of Legos, books and pocket knives
 And Clue - somehow our kids have never played that before? 
 Daniel and Heather were going to join us too, but had to cancel last minute (hope you guys are feeling better!).  It was a good celebration!!!! 
 Then we celebrated with the Caines' crew on Sunday.  After cake on Friday and cupcakes on Saturday, we opted for ice cream for the cake on Sunday - plus we ALWAYS get ice cream at Grandma's!
 ...and, another book....
...which I am sure he will have done by bedtime.

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