and kids

and kids

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Blog is Suffering Update

The blog is suffering, I know.  For two reasons.  Not much going on that I have take pictures of.  And all my "extra" time has been poured into trying to get my digital scrapbook done for 2013.  I have about 36 hours before the 50% off and free shipping expires, so I hope I make it....

But here is an update:

Jason has been producing a lot of quotes this month, excited to see what the months ahead bring.

I have been extremely busy all of the sudden with work.  Last year, I think my max of clients was 21 at once.  Right now I have 25, and it is only March.  We worked really hard last Summer/Fall to start a few things to make it easier to handle more (too confusing to explain and I'm sure you don't care about those details).  I have to decide how much I can handle and when I will need an assistant.  Crazy?!  I also started a new medication to help with migraines and in hopes to help with vertigo.  It is helping with headaches and still questionable about vertigo.  It does mess with my concentration and I think it gives me ADD a little bit, so we have to see if I can use it long term or not?  More on that in a future post....

Mollee is doing great.  We put a challenge in front of her as far as her grades were concerned and she rose to it and has kept A's and B's since Christmas.  She also wants to go to a camp this Summer that we told her she needed to help pay for.  We paid for it last Summer, and told her she needed to work toward at least half the money this year.  She told us she wanted to make all of the money this year because Tavis wants to go too and we could help him more this year since we helped her for her first year.  Makes us proud when our kids do things like that!

Tavis is doing better with his school work.  I almost hate to put that in writing because I don't want to jinx anything and because he did leave his math homework in my office yesterday, but he is doing better.  He is playing soccer now and his first official game is today - YEAH!  He and Daddy are working on math every night and that is helping.  And I think he is realizing how much the zeros on homework was killing his grade.  We still need some organization help and probably a math tutor for the Summer, but for now, we are ok/surviving.  And we are very excited about soccer!

Daegan is good and we are constantly trying to figure out how to challenge him.  During the sermon last week he was very aware that Grandpa was using the wrong the reference (even though I did not have a clue) and that makes me proud, and maybe a little jealous, that he has that kind of knowledge.  He will probably be the first of our children to join the church as he is working diligently through the workbook our church gives the kids to go through prior to meeting with the Session.  He also showed some interest in playing soccer.  We have always said no sports until jr high, but we made a parental decision to make an exception here.  Jason is actually going to help coach the team and I think that is going to be good for Daegan, as he needs "quality time" but doesn't get it as much since he doesn't need help with homework constantly like others do.

Capps is doing great and also wanted to play soccer since the team Daegan is going to be on is going to be for both their ages, but we made another parental decision and said no.  We felt that this was Daegan's thing and Capps would have to wait.  Why?  Because we are the parents and we said so!  Capps actually was sad for a second but just said Yes Ma'am and moved on.  He knows the rules.  I was proud of him and later expressed to him I was proud of him for taking it so well.  I feel that goes a long way with the kids later in life.  Not much else to report about Capps.  He is Capps.  He cracks us up and frustrates us to death on his pickiness.

Mac is going with the flow as any "tail" of a big family can.  I love that I can work in his class on Wednesday afternoon to have that connection still and that all his classmates love to have me there.  He is goofy and friendly and I am meeting with his teacher soon to see how his academics is going - not sure how he is doing exactly, because I do fail to work with him.

Sorry this ended up so long, but I am glad to have these updates here for me to look at later.  This is life for now.  As soccer starts for two this week ......let the chaos begin!!!!!

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