and kids

and kids

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Fun Day #1

I only had two days off for Spring Break - Thursday and Friday.  Our plan was to go to St. Louis and stay with friends and tour around for a few days, but since it is snowing in St. Louis, we decided it probably would not be the best time to go.  When we go, I want to be major tourists, which is not possible in snow.

Monday I worked a full 8 or 9 hour day and Tuesday I worked about a 13 hour day.  I knew month-end was going to be a rough time to take-off, but I had no choice when the kid's break was.  My scheduled time off was a half day on Wednesday, but that didn't got very well.  I took the kids to Happy Hour at Steak N Shake from 3-4 and then worked until church time.  Then I called all the guys I work for, gave them the updates on all their files and turned my e-mail/work phone off.

Today was the day of fun.  I had multiple travel days planned out, but I could convince Jason to take off and go with me, so I decide to stay local - and the day turned out great!

I like to torture the kids and not tell them what we are going to do.  Partially, because it is torture and partially because it leaves me the option to change my mind.

There is a new Jump Park in town that is full of trampolines.  It is crazy expensive for a one hour pass and they only allow a certain number of people, but it is Spring Break, and I was going for it!  When we parked the line was out the door, but we were almost an hour early for the noon hour.  I had signed all the waivers online for today, but it said no reservations left for noon, but for some reason, I was still going for it.  We got up to the counter and she logged in five kids and then yelled "Noon Slot if FULL".  We were the last ones in.  Everyone behind us had to wait another hour and they were not happy.  The kids were ecstatic by that and laughing at the grown woman behind acting like a 2-yr old because she didn't get in.

Here are pictures from this adventure:

 Here is Daegan in a Dodgeball match.  He was in there for awhile so Tavis decided to go in to target just him.  Then Tavis was just out in less than two minutes.
 Mac sitting in air!
 Tavis "on the wall"

 By the time our hour was up the kids were exhausted, but had had a wonderful time.  It was 1:00 and time for lunch.  I had packed a picnic, so we headed to the local park to eat lunch.
 It is always fun to be by the river.
 Of course we had to get closer to the water
so, they could throw rocks in the water....
Of course, we had to ride the Carousel
 And then we decided to walk the bridge.  I asked the kids to look at the water and I would take a picture.  Tavis wasn't so sure about looking over the rail at the water.  Ha!
 We were at the park for three hours burning energy, not to mention the Jump Park.  So, we ended all the fun with some ice cream.  And Mac approved!
 It was so nice to be off work and to just focus on being Fun Mom.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!

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  1. Awww. :) Very awesome! Glad it all worked out so well!


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